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From March 23, 2020 through Resurrection Sunday, the THC family came together in fasting and prayer in order to grow closer to God and fight back the attacks of the enemy. We even took a devotional look at the Book of John, allowing us to better know Jesus Christ as God and the victory He gave to all those who believe in Him.


While the time of corporate fasting and prayer as ended, the lessons live on! You can watch (or re-watch) all 21 nights of discussion and sharing below!

JOHN 1 | Min. RaeShawn Cannon
JOHN 2 | Min. Tiana B. Clewis
JOHN 3 | Min. Shelby Nelms
JOHN 4 | Lady Shavawn Ragsdale
JOHN 5 | Deac. Billy McKnight
JOHN 6 | Min. Deshmon Reed
JOHN 7 | Min. RaeShawn Cannon
JOHN 8 | Min. Boyd Clewis
JOHN 9 | Lady Shavawn Ragsdale
JOHN 10 | Min. Shelby Nelms
JOHN 11 | Pastor Chris Smith
JOHN 12 | Min. Tiana B. Clewis
JOHN 13 | Min. Deshmon Reed
JOHN 17 | Min. Shelby Nelms
JOHN 18 | Min. Tiana B. Clewis
JOHN 19 | Pastor Chris Smith
JOHN 20 | Min. Deshmon Reed
JOHN 21 | Pastor Ray Taylor
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