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Welcome to Logizomai, a devotional podcast presented by Trinity Harvest Church.


This season, we are exploring the authority of God over all things in heaven and in the earth. 


Too often the people of God walk through life experiencing trials, tribulations, frustration and hurt. Just like the opportunist that he is, the enemy attempts to use these moments to make use feel like we are powerless to stop him from wreaking havoc in our lives... or worse, that The Lord is powerless to stop him.

But the devil is and has always been a LIAR!

The truth is that we serve a God that has all power in His Holy hands. We believe in a Father that's so good, He wrapped Himself in flesh and came down as Jesus Christ to not only save us from our sins, but to allow us to once again tap into the authority that The Lord has given mankind.


So  if you're looking for a moment to remind yourself that God not only have supreme authority over the enemy, but as His Son or Daughter, you do too - the time has come! Join us for the last 21 days in March on this journey of faith and power as we begin to truly understand and embrace the divine authority of The Lord and His children... us.

So are you ready to embrace God's  AUTHORITY ?

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