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Welcome to the first season of Logizomai, a devotional podcast presented by Trinity Harvest Church.


This season, we are meditating on God’s resume of VICTORY in the lives of His people. 


All throughout The Bible, we see how God has shown up time and time again to help mankind overcome physical attacks, spiritual attacks and even attacks of their own doubts, fears and disbelief. 


And while the events of the Bible happened thousands of years ago, we as believers are still living out similar battles in our day to day lives even now. Which is why we sometimes need to look through the Bible for reminders of how God not only fights with us, but He fights FOR us.


So I want to invite you to join us for the first 21 days in November on this journey of faith and introspection as we walk together in the victory that is ours in Christ.

So are you ready to celebrate God's celebrate  VICTORY ?

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