For the 21 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday, the THC family comes together each year to fast and pray as a collective show of faith to the phenomenal God that we serve! That means on Monday, March 28, 2021, the journey begins as we fast from food and drink (except water) from 6:00AM to 6:00PM CST!


Start your daily fast with a morning scripture and prayer from the spiritual leaders of THC as we explore the many ways God will refresh and renew His people. Uncover how no matter what has happened before, what is coming down the pipeline or what is happening right now, if you seek God's presence, He will reward you through a revived spirit.


Then, on Resurrection Sunday (April 17th), we’ll come together with a corporate act of trust and giving as we sow our annual Resurrection Seed! The amount of your seed is up to you and God, because it’s not about the number. Ultimately, this is our chance to show individually and collectively that we are ready to sow into the works of God, trusting that we will reap eternal rewards in Him.


So are you ready for a REFRESH?