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Simply put, we love life, people, and most of all, God! We're totally crazy about Him and are passionate about fulfilling His purpose in our lives. We're all at different points on our journeys, but have the same goal - getting closer to Christ and affecting the world around us for His glory.

We get together pretty regularly to celebrate God and fellowship with each other. If you're a Christ-follower or have never even been to church, you're welcome to come hang out with us!


The most important thing to God is people, period. We believe this so strongly that our primary goal is to help people establish a relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ. We realize that we can't change people, that's God's job. We're just a connection point that enables this growth and change to take place.

Everything we do, from Sunday worship services to smaller group sessions, is designed to help each of us get closer to where God wants us to be.


Some people have figured out which way to go and others are still trying to decide whether or not to begin the journey. The one thing we all have in common is that none of us are "there". Every human being has a God-given purpose. It's left up to each individual to discover what that is. We can't tell you what your purpose is, but are committed to helping you figure it out and providing support along the way to fulfilling it.

People connecting with God, walking in their purpose, and impacting the world around them for His glory...that's what we see, that's what we want, and that's why we do what we do.



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